Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Yet Another Blog?

Because my views are underrepresented, and someone ought to do something about it. Remarkably few are stepping up. Indeed, given the current politico-cultural orthodoxy, I really can't speak my mind freely under my own identity. And that's just sad. I'm a responsible person. I pay more in taxes than many American households make in a year, and I do so happily. I would happily pay more taxes for better government services, too, because I actually believe that taxes are the price of civilization and I want to do my part. I participate actively in my community and have worked hard to bring order to a once-dilapidated corner of my city. I love my kids, and tell them so every day. In many respects, I'm a model citizen, even in ways a leader. And yet, as the following series of essays will reveal, I would pretty much risk my career and my ability to support my family to say publicly some of the things I'm going to say. But I also happen to believe that I'm right on a number of points, and someone damn well needs to speak up.